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Project Description

Garanti Roaster® Sample Coffee Roasting Machine gas version is designed to enable coffee experts, baristas, and coffee lovers to roast green coffee beans in a small batch for training, sample roasting, and home roastingThe stainless steel is used as machine material in order to prolong machine lifetime to increase the sustainable production. In terms of heating system, thermal transfer is processed to provide a homogenous roasting process for customers. Setup time to achieve the required heating level is much shorter from electrical version. After all, roasting a batch takes only 10-12 depends on roasting level. Sample Roaster gas version is mainly preferred by coffee shops to excel atmosphere and to supply the small demand of the customer. In terms of data gathering, data logger which is eligible to be used for software (Artisan, Cropster etc.) can be adjustable upon the request.

  • Batch Capacity: 2 kg of green coffee 
  • Hour Capacity: 
    • 12 kg roast per hour  (Gas Version)        
    • 10 kg roast per hour  (Electric Version)  
  • Roasting Time: 
    • 8-10 minutes (Gas Version)                  
    • 13-15 minutes (Electric Version)  
  • Voltage: 220x230x240  50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Motor: 4 units
  • Heating Source: 
    • LPG / NG /LNG  (Gas Version)      
    • Ceramic Resistance (Electric Version): Special Designed Ceramic Resistance is registered by Garanti Roaster
  • Type Of Roasting: Thermal transfer
  • Standard Surface: Chrome 
  • Standard Colors: Red or Black
  • Controls:
    • Adjustable Digital Temperature & Gas Control System & Air Control (Gas Version)
    • Adjustable PID Digital Temperature & Electric Heating system & Air control  (Gas Version)
  • Version: Moveable
  • Data Logger (Upon Request): Bean Temperature, Drum Speed
  • Gas Control System
  • Sampler
  • Drum Window
  • External Chaff Collector
  • Chaff Collector Bar
  • Cooling Mixer & Cooling Fan
  • Hopper

**Dimensions & Technical details can be changed by Garanti Roaster

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